Why Married Women Indulge in Extramarital Sex

Aug 4th, 2012 | By | Category: Culture

By Folashade Santos Abifarin

Folashade Santos Abifarin

According to the media, the problem of women having extramarital affair is widespread. Recently, articles have attempted giving explanation to the problem of women infidelity. My opinion that women are natural builders of homes and they are morally faithful and loyal. Frequently, they sacrifice their joy and happiness to keep the sanctity of homes. However, why do married women indulge in extramarital sex or affair? This puzzle call for answers, however, they may not shed much light but generally acceptable reason behind the motivation of infidelity. For a wife to indulge in this act, it can only mean one thing, there is a breakdown in her marriage. Beyond that, it is really very sad and worse to stereotype because women are different. Both gender cheat for different reasons.


Far from that, Here are some reasons why women cheat, which many link to unfulfilled emotional needs. Listed below are the top 10 reasons unfaithful wives most frequently use to justify their extramarital affairs:


– The desire for intimacy.


– The desire for attention, to feel special and treated with respect.


– The have been hurt repeatedly and totally lack Trusting again.


– When there is constant fight (Marital unhappiness).


– To reaffirm her desirability and re-experience feelings of romance.


– When he is pathetic in bed and ooze boredom.


– He cheated and she just want sweet Revenge.


– He is terrible at the art of conversation.


– Drunk or want to get ahead in her career.


– If they grew apart.


Generally, women want to feel secure, loved, respected and inspired. What most men don’t know is that not all women cheat for physical reasons. It is usually because another person made them feel a certain way. It is mainly the mental and emotional part, not because of being rich or handsome but it’s about how a man makes them feel. There can be various indication which can show if a woman is having an affair with someone outside her marriage. In some of the signs below, there is possibility of a genuine reason, and may not necessarily indicate cheating.


– Constantly comparing her husband or their marriage with another.


-Her sudden change in taking special care of herself.


-She suddenly stays missing till late hours and working late.


– She does not complain that her husband isn’t spending quality time with her.


– She very comfortable and happy when husband is working late.


– She gets uncomfortable when husband ask her about her day.


-She avoid being intimate with her husband.


-She is cautious about Her cell phone.


-Encourages husband to Spend Time With his colleagues or friends.


These signs mentioned above can signify cheating if, they are suddenly visible, but unusual. A Woman’s personality changes when she is in a new relationship. If a man think that a woman is cheating, then it’s vital to know the cause. Mostly women, blame their partners for not being capable of giving them attention, respect, love that they hoped for, nonetheless they may another man who is ready. Today, cheating is becoming rampant and relationships are ending while the problems are solvable. Why? Perhaps, due to the lack of necessary information which should be a common knowledge to all couple. However, relationship is delicate, it should be handled with care, especially with women, they are very sensitive and fragile. Therefore, every man should take care of his woman’s feelings. An African adage sums it up “we don’t appreciate good things in our life until we lose them”. Just some little advice for men, if you are neglecting your woman, try for a few minutes to put yourself in their shoes, then you will realise, they deserve to be treated better. Men should be faithful, kind, respectful, fun, romantic and considerate to woman. Try taking out time every week for just the two of you, to spend together. Stay in touch constantly, send romantic text-messages, emails, making gestures in appreciation of her efforts and be more fun and creative sexually. Every woman wants you to make her feel that she is valued and desired, show them that you love and care, before it becomes too late. Next month we will dwell on why married men cheat?




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